Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90’s Kids Check These Out!

Disney’s Gargoyles Team in Funko Pop Form!

Gargoyles was one of those cartoons that defined my childhood. It had the family/team aspect of Ninja Turtles, the slightly-gritty aspect of Batman The Animated Series, and it was full of awesome Scottish and English lore that captured my imagination. So I was rather pleased when Entertainment Earth asked if we’d like to review the Funko Pops!

You can grab the Gargoyles line of Funko Pops at Entertainment Earth right here. Please note, however, that you will not find Hudson on the site. He is a Specialty Series Pop that can only be sold in comic and collectible shops.

Goliath – Pocket  Pop Keychain

Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Pocket-Pop-Keychain-Goliath-Out-of-Box Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Unfortunately Goliath was unavailable when the Pops were sent, but we do have a Pocket Pop Keychain version. This mini-figure is identical, except shrunken down. You can see that the Gargoyles Pops have a style that makes them unique among Funko Pops. Goliath here has the thick, angry-looking brow, square jaw, and pointed ears that the character is known for. He has the long dark hair that comes to a point both in the front and the back and rises up a bit behind his little quad-horns. He is, of course, wearing his little loin-cloth, complete with black belt and golden buckle. What really makes the design, though, is the combination of the wings, and the werewolf-like leg design, in which the Gargoyles stand on the balls of their feet with knees bent.

(Speaking of the leg design…make sure you check out the video for an embarrassing confession on my part!)

Demona – Pocket Pop Keychain

Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Pocket-Pop-Keychain-Demona-Desdemona-Out-of-Box Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Demona was always a huge favorite of mine. If given the ultimatum of being able to choose one Gargoyles Pop, she would have been the one. That said, I do have to point out that the Pocket Pop Keychain version of her is a little…off. As with Goliath it’s the same mold shrunk down to keychain size, but there seems to have been some factory error with this one. Several edges, specifically around the toes and the sides of the wings, don’t seem to have been cut properly, so there’s overhanging strips of vinyl. Additionally the paint job is just horrid. You can see that there are weird blotches around her hair and on her golden headpiece. I don’t know if all the Demona keychains are like this or if we just got a dud, but this small version doesn’t stand up to the full-sized Pop at all.


Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Demona-Desdemona-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Ahh, here we go. Now this one stands up to my fangirlism! The full-sized Demona Pop is very nicely done. Her body shape is great, with the little bit of hip, the spiky parts on her elbows and knees, and the beautiful purple wings. Her spiky red hair and golden headpiece are spot on. They’ve also got all her little details like the earrings, anklet, and arm-band. Another nice little bit of attention to detail? They made her clothes have the little torn, uneven edges just like in the show. Add to that the winged eyeliner look on her partially closed eyes, and I’m quite happy with this Pop. My favorite character was treated well! I am thoroughly satisfied with this take on her.


Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Broadway-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I love what they did with the Broadway Pop. The chubby character of the show who is always stuffing his face, so they have him holding a big ol’ drumstick, which he’s already taken a huge bite out of. They’ve also given him a wickedly cheerful face, which is perfect for his character. He’s got a huge, open-mouthed smile showing off his fangs, and those little partially-closed eyes. Too cute! His wings, ears, and loin cloth are all perfect as well. You might also notice that his knees and feet seem to be more bent than the other characters. Could this be because his excessive weight puts more stress on his legs? Maybe I’m just being silly, but I like to think that this is a neat little extra detail!


Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Bronx-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I want so badly to love this one. Everyone loves a puppy(-like) character! Bronx in particular is just one of those characters who makes you want to live in the show’s world so you can snuggle with him. At first glance the Pop is a good representation. The head, with it’s wing-like ears, scrunched up face, and protruding jaw is pretty spot on. And the body, with his thick chest and three-toed paws is pretty good as well.

The problem lies in between these two sections. For whatever reason the designers decided to make the top of the body section (the shoulders, if you will) perfectly flat. Bronx doesn’t really have a neck, as such, so his head is simply plopped down onto this flat surface. It doesn’t look too bad in the photo I took for this post, but trust me when I say that, in person, it’s not impressive. There’s no good reason why they couldn’t have either rounded the shoulders a little, or made Bronx a single piece mold to avoid the weird disconnection between body and head.


Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Lexington-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Lexington is the little nerd of the Gargoyles team. He’s significantly smaller than the others, but makes up for it with his intelligence and ability to quickly learn the technology of the future. He has a similar style body to his teammates, but a different style of wings. Whereas all the other characters’ wings protrude from their shoulders, Lexington’s are bat-style, attached to his arms. I’m glad the designers chose this arms-up pose for the little guy. This way we get to see his wings, with the added bonus that he adorably looks like he’s trying to look bigger than he really is. Come on…look at that grin and slightly lowered brow! The little guy looks like he’s trying to frighten off a raccoon or something. lol


Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Brooklyn-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Brooklyn is a bit of a hothead and among the younger Gargoyles he probably considers himself to be the toughest. So his cocky, arms-crossed pose definitely makes sense. His body is similar to his friends, but his wings are flatter, and he has a bit of a devilish look to him. The red-skinned Gargoyle has long white hair and much larger horns than any of the others. He also has a different style of face, with his mouth extending downward into a kind of beak. Of all the characters in the show, Brooklyn is the one you’d likely think of as a demon if you didn’t actually know his character. That’s one of the reasons I think of him as the “Raphael” of the group.

Hudson – Specialty Series

Disneys-Gargoyles-Funko-Pops-Haul-Entertainment-Earth-Specialty-Series-Hudson-Out-of-Box-1024x1024 Gargoyles Funko Pops! 90's Kids Check These Out! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Finally we have Hudson, the Specialty Series Pop. Hudson’s character in the show was the older, wizened, battle-ravaged senior of the group, and the Pop reflects this quite well. He’s got that long white hair and bushy beard, plus a scar across his one ruined eye. He wears significantly more clothing than the others, with his leather top hiding a bit of a belly. They’ve also given him his large dagger, which he’s holding in both hands, ready to fight. When you also take into account the sharp edging of his facial features, you can definitely tell this is the Wise Old Warrior of the group. Demona may be my favorite character, but I have to admit that this is the best-made of the Gargoyles Pops line.

In Conclusion…

If you grew up in the 90’s you’re going to be able to appreciate the design of these Pops. If you were actually a fan of the Gargoyles show specifically, you’ll really appreciate these Pops. They have their flaws, and I’m personally not the biggest fan of the Pocket Pops, but they’re well-done for small, affordable figures. I would definitely recommend them to any fan of the show. Grab them for yourself right here, and don’t forget to let us know which is your favorite! While you’re at it, make sure you Like, Share, and Subscribe to the channel, and hit that little notification bell to make sure you always know whenever we have something new for you. Cheers, Gargoyles fans!

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