Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing!

Cartoon Network Titans Blind Boxes FTW!

Cartoon Network is one of the mainstays of our childhood. That’s why we were so excited to get to unbox a full case of Cartoon Network Originals blind boxes! These awesome little vinyl figures come from Titan Merchandise, and the awesome people over at Entertainment Earth sent us a case to show off on the channel. Jason was especially excited when he found out the Powerpuff Girls were featured in this set!

Titan has made other blind boxes based on Cartoon Network characters in the past. This particular set is called “Originals” and features some awesome characters. From “Powerpuff Girls” we have Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Mojo Jojo. From “Johnny Bravo” we have the titular Johnny. Samurai Jack and Aku hail from “Samurai Jack”. Bloo comes from “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”. From “Adventure Time” we have Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen. And from “We Bare Bears” we have Panda and Ice Bear. There are also two chase figures in the set, one being a variant of Bubbles, the other a variant bear called Grizzly.

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Full-Case-Options-1024x529 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Cartoon Network Originals Vinyls Blind Boxes from Titan Merchandise

A few of these characters we didn’t know much about since we never really watched their shows. But even the characters we weren’t emotionally attached to have awesome little figures, so we knew we’d be happy with whatever we pulled. Luckily we got every character we wanted and more! Let’s take a look at them in the order they appear on the outer case.


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Powerpuff-Girls-Blossom-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Commander and the leader!”

The first of the options from Powerpuff Girls is the leader, Blossom. I have to be honest: when Jason and I first saw the glam shots for the Powerpuff Girls vinyls, we weren’t overly impressed. Luckily they look much better in person! The Titan-style body doesn’t quite suit them, but they are super-cute, and the heads are spot-on with the huge eyes and definitive hair. Blossom is in pink, of course, with bright orange hair in a huge red bow. She also has an open-mouthed smile, which is perfect since she’s the chatterbox know-it-all leader of the group.


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Powerpuff-Girls-Bubbles-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“She is the joy and the laughter!”

Next up is the super-cute, super-sweet “everything nice” member of the group. Bubbles has the same body as Blossom, but she is all in blue. She has her signature adorable blond pigtails and big, innocent eyes. Instead of the open-mouthed smile of her sister, Bubbles has a closed, upturned mouth that suits her sweetness.


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Powerpuff-Girls-Buttercup-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Yeah she’s the toughest fighter!”

As Jason says, Buttercup is the “Raphael” of the Powerpuff Girls. She has the same body as her two sisters, but is clad in her bright green. Her short black hair flips out to the sides, and her face is sly and “spice”-y. She has the same closed smile as Bubbles, but her eyes are narrowed, as they always seem to be in the show. She’s ready to fight, no doubt about it!

Mojo Jojo

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Powerpuff-Girls-Mojo-Jojo-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos


Mojo Jojo is, in my opinion, one of the best Cartoon Network characters of all time. He’s ridiculous, has so much character, and is absolutely hysterical, and Titan did a great job on his figure. His body shape is a bit off because he’s missing the signature cape that makes his shoulders huge and triangular, but the face more than makes up for that. He has that huge brain-covering helmet, his big green pointed ears, and most importantly, that bulbous hanging mouth. Add in a huge ray-gun, and the only way this could possibly be better would be if he actually had that triangular cape.

Johnny Bravo

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Johnny-Bravo-Karate-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Enough about you, let’s talk about me.”

I don’t know if a show like Johnny Bravo would really fly today, but back in the day it was one of my favs. Johnny’s staggering stupidity and constant womanizing was just the best – sorry, not sorry!

Anyway, Johnny was already featured in a previous Cartoon Network set from Titan, so for this set they made a special version. This is Johnny in his karate gi, clearly trying to impress some ladies. Again the body is a little off because the Johnny character would normally have an enormous upper body, but it’s all about the face anyway. Titan nailed his rectangular head, huge poof of blond hair, and signature black glasses. And to top it off? He’s got that cocky little sideways grin and single raised eyebrow. I’m floating back to my childhood just looking at that face.

Samurai Jack

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Samurai-Jack-Bathhouse-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Got to get back, back to the past.”

I don’t know much about Samurai Jack, but I know enough to be able to say that this is a great little figure of him. It’s another special one, since Jack in his regular outfit was done in a previous Cartoon Network set. This time he’s wrapped in a bath towel with scrapes and cuts all over his body as though he’s been fighting. He also comes with a little nunchuck to cement the theory. The shape of his head and eyes is perfect, and of course he has that little top-knot going on. Without knowing why he’s fighting in a towel, I can say that this fig is an excellent representation of the character.

Bubbles – Chase

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Powerpuff-Girls-Bubbles-Chase-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Mojo was hurt and I would have kissed his little boo boo but then I realized he was a bad monkey so I kicked him in his face.”

I wondered about the Bubbles chase when I saw her silhouette on the box. Then I saw it and it seemed obvious. It’s her “cutie face”! It’s the same overall figure as the basic one, but her face has been painted so that she has a huge, open-mouthed smile and those cute, squinty, anime-style happy eyes. The basic Bubbles is cute as sin, but the “cutie face” version is bloody adorable!


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Samurai-Jack-Aku-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“I, Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness…”

Aku is a weird, fun, crazy-looking character from Samurai Jack, and though I don’t know much about him I love this figure! Titan did a great job on his weird head-antler things, as well as his flaming beard and eyebrows. They’ve also given him an expression that just makes him look wickedly insane. Look at that grimace! Look at the eyes popping right out of his head! And the teeth with the crossing fangs! He manages to look creepy and goofy at the same time, and he cracks me up!


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Fosters-Home-for-Imaginary-Friends-Bloo-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Atta boy, Mac! Down with tyranny! Up with…not tyranny!”

Bloo has to be, without question, the most amazing Titan vinyl ever created. I’ll broach no argument. Look at that. LOOK AT IT. The hysterical thing is that it’s actually perfect in every way. This cylindrical tube with a rounded top, round white eyes and tiny sideways smile is Bloo to a tee. It couldn’t possibly be more Bloo. It’s amazing, and I absolutely love it. I might actually steal this one for my computer desk just so I can look at him and giggle like a fool daily.

Ice King

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Adventure-Time-Ice-King-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Finn? Ugh! Why can’t you ever be a princess?”

Did I say that Bloo was the best Titan ever? Hmm…he might have a contender for that title. This Ice King figure is so spot on it’s crazy. For this one Titan seemingly chucked their usual style out the window and just molded the figure exactly as he is in Adventure Time. He’s got that big, bulbous body with those skinny little arms. He has the huge white beard and long pointy nose. The eyes, the crown, and the frowning mouth full of pointed teeth are all perfect. It’s like they plucked him right out of the cartoon!

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-Adventure-Time-Marceline-the-Vampire-Queen-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Vampires can’t beat ghosts. It’s like a rock-paper-scissors thing.”

Marceline on the other hand… Okay, she’s not terrible, but this is a character that definitely doesn’t translate to the Titan style. Her character in Adventure Time is very tall and super-skinny which, if we’re being fair, wouldn’t really have been possible for Titan to do in one of these figures. They did a decent job on her hair, got all her coloring right, remembered the little bite-marks on her neck, and included her ax-guitar for good measure, so I commend them for all that. The face though? While technically accurate to the show, in this case Jason was totally correct. It looks like this is a Ditto from Pokemon transformed into Marceline. Funnily enough though, that’s what makes the figure for me. I’m going to laugh every time I look at her now!


Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-We-Bare-Bears-Panda-Bear-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“I finally feel like I’m part of something!”

We Bare Bears is a Cartoon Network show that neither Jason nor I know anything about. That said, the figures Titan made for the show’s characters are pretty cute. Panda is obviously, a panda bear, and he makes an adorable little figure. The big head and tiny ears, plus the black-and-white coloring make for a little bear figure that is sweet even if you don’t know the character.

Ice Bear

Titans-Merchandise-Vinyls-Blind-Boxes-Unboxing-Cartoon-Network-Originals-Entertainment-Earth-We-Bare-Bears-Ice-Bear-1024x1024 Cartoon Network Originals Full Case Unboxing! Toys and Collectibles Videos

“Ice Bear has conspiracy theory.”

Ice Bear has the same mold as Panda, but is all in white because he’s a polar bear. He also has a flat mouth, whereas Panda has a smile. There’s not much more to say about him than that, since the nature of his character means that he has little in the way of details. That said, he’s super-cute, and since Jason is obsessed with polar bears come Christmas season, he’s definitely welcome in our household.



Grizzly is the final figure – a We Bare Bears chase – that we didn’t get in this case. He is, clearly, a grizzly bear, and is basically Ice Bear in brown with an open-mouthed smile. He’s a cutie and would go nicely with his two bear buddies, but as we’ve never seen the show I’m happy that we wound up with the Bubbles chase instead.

That was our full case of Cartoon Network Originals Titan vinyls blind boxes! Which figure is your favorite? Have you collected any of these for yourself? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to “Like” the video and hit that “Subscribe” button if you haven’t already! Check out some other Titan vinyls unboxings we’ve done here and here, and don’t forget to pick up your own case of Cartoon Network Originals right here.

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