Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR!

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It’s a Horror Funko Pops Haul with Friday the 13th, The Predator and Gremlins!

Wait what? A Funko Pops haul? I know right? You don’t see too many of those on the channel anymore! lol But this is a Horror¬†Funko Pops haul!¬†We just couldn’t resist another Jason, Predator and a Gremlin.

So many of you who follow us regularly know we’re not big on the whole Funko Pop bandwagon any more, and we’ve voiced our opinions on why many times (which most sensible people quite understood). However we saw these pops and genuinely loved them, also helped by the fact that Jason hasn’t come across their NECA counterparts around here yet (damn Canadian retailers!)

With Halloween rapidly approaching we couldn’t resist adding more horror staples to our shelves and these Horror Funko Pops are surprisingly very well done. I mean really well done, much more than we’ve come to expect from Funko.

Slashing Psychos & Extraterrestrial Hunters & Shameless Little Monsters, Oh My!

We’ve got 3 Funko Pops to show you today. We’re unboxing and taking a look at the Walgreens exclusive Jason Voorhees Funko pop from Friday the 13th which is an EB Games exclusive in Canada. We also have a Flashing Gremlin from the Gremlins franchise. Lastly, since we’re pretty excited about The Predator coming out next week (you all know Jason’s favorite movie by now) we picked up the chase Predator Funko Pop from the new movie, breaking our “No merch until we see the movie and find out if we like it” rule. It’s a Predator, so we’re gonna like it!

Walgreens Exclusive Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Funko Pop.

Walgreens-Exclusive-Jason-Voorhees-Funko-Pop-Friday-the-13th-Horror-Collectible-Vinyl-Figure-1024x1024 Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR! Toys and Collectibles

Ki Ki Ki… Ma Ma Ma…

This Walgreens exclusive Jason Voorhees Funko Pop is pretty cool. First, it’s not another repaint, it’s a whole new mold based off of a different Jason look. Here we have Jason before he obtained his iconic mask in Friday the 13th Part 3. In Friday the 13th Part 2 he wore a sack over his head with an eye hole for his good eye.

I must say, Funko seems to have captured this character well. I do tend to find a lot of Funko’s designs on characters (mainly plain, human characters with little distinguishing characteristics) a little mundane and fail to capture the character they are truly trying to replicate. Their signature style just doesn’t work well with a lot of the licenses they put out. This one on the other hand, works particularly well. The sack on his head is textured and colored well for a low end figure with good use of fading in spots. He sports his blue overalls and blue plaid farm shirt. What’s great as well is that Jason is holding a pickaxe, which he holds during an iconic scene in the movie. The pose is nice too.

One gripe is that the paint around his eye hole had a big brown stripe across the top. It looks like they were maybe trying to add an eyebrow. I don’t know if this was a last minute design choice that changed from the original images but it’s poorly done and distracting, but not really a big deal. He’s a cool Funko Pop that’s a neat little addition to compliment a horror collection.

Gremlins Flashing Gremlin Funko Pop

Gremlins-Flashing-Gremlin-Horror-Funko-Pop-Vinyl-Figure-1024x1024 Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR! Toys and Collectibles

A Funko Pop that passes as NOT a Funko Pop!

The Flashing Gremlin Funko Pop is a pretty cool Pop. Can’t deny that. It has a decent mold and is pretty funny to look at. It captures that particular Gremlin’s moments from the movies. Yes, there was a Gremlin who flashes in BOTH Gremlins flicks. Hilarious stuff!

I genuinely adore the look of this Pop, which are not words you hear me say too often these days. The paint is not the greatest (we’ll get to that), and it’s details are a little off, but what I really like is that it barely resembles a Pop at all! I think it’s because the black, soulless, Funko Pop eyes are blocked by the sunglasses. It makes it look more like an actual Gremlins character vinyl figure than a “popped” stylized version. The dead-like shark eyes are kind of a Funko trademark, but when you start to have more than a couple Pops they start to grow really tired and samey after awhile.

The paint on this guy is very sloppy though. He looks nothing like his promotional image on the box. The box has him more brown with a snarled nose and bat wing like veins through features like his ears. This pop is a very bright green, has a flat nose and the veins like features are gone a replaced with colored blots which are VERY poorly done. We’re talking kindergarten coloring level here with added patchy blotches.

Gremlins-Flashing-Gremlin-Funko-Pop-Horror-Vinyl-Collectible-Figure-bad-paint-job-1024x706 Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR! Toys and Collectibles

Funko has never been known for their quality paint application, that’s for sure!

It’s still a great little addition to a Gremlins collection though. It’s a cheap figure and it compliments a shelf filled with figures like NECA’s Gremlins line well. I’m happy to have this little guy.

The Predator Chase Funko Pop Variant

The-Predator-Chase-Funko-Pop-Horror-Vinyl-Collectible-Figure-1024x1024 Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR! Toys and Collectibles

You’re one… ugly mother…

Anyone who knows me, definitely knows how much I LOVE the 1987 Predator film with Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’ve watched it a million times. It’s the pinnacle of a late 80s Sci-Fi/Action/Monster Movie combination and it always puts a smile on my face since the day I found it in my grandfather’s VHS tape pile when I was a kid (right next to Evil Dead 2). Even though the franchise has hit some highs, and some real lows at times, I’ve always been able to enjoy anything Predator related. I was a horror kid and to this day, I still think the 80s was the most fun decade for watching movies.

So I broke my “No buying merchandise before seeing the film” rule on this guy because… well… it’s a Predator! He’s pretty cool too. He’s got those standard Funko Pop eyes that I’m kinda bored of, but he has plenty of other Predator details to make up for it.

Number 1, he’s ugly. Boy is he ugly. Predators gotta be ugly. I mean, that’s one of Arnold’s most famous lines right? He has the signature Predator mouth that spreads open with the pointy teeth and extra ridges for a bit of added detail. I will say that these pieces have defined lines that make them look like they were kind of just… tacked on. Sort of like it was all flat and they were glued there or something. It’s a minor detail that you have to look for though. There are black small hair-like bumps around his head and his “Pred-dreads” as I call them are spot on. He’s standing in a “come at me bro” pose. The armor coloring is kind of flat but it has plenty of little etches into it to try to add a little detail over that flat grey color that help when you’re looking closely (though you’ll more than likely not notice again and forget about when you put it down in a minute. lol

We don’t “POP” often anymore… but we buy what we like.

So we hope you enjoy this uncommon these days Pop haul on our channel. We don’t do Pops often anymore but on occasion we still find ones that we really like. Jason ran a poll on Twitter about bringing pops back to the channel now that a lot of our nasty people have finally left. It had 4 options and “I wouldn’t mind them but on occasion” just beat out “BURN THEM ALL!” lol. So if this video goes well enough maybe we’ll slowly start introducing Funko videos again, in small doses, on occasion.

What do you think? Are you excited for The Predator? Big Horror fan? Should we do more Pop videos or are you tired of Funko Pops in general?

Drop a comment or hit me up on Twitter! Catch us on Instagram or Facebook and let us know!

320x100 Horror Horror Funko Pops Haul! OH THE HORROR! Toys and Collectibles

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