Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More!

Viewer Mail Specifically for Adrianna!

Viewer Mail is always one of our favorite things to open on the channel. We never expect anything, so it puts a huge smile on our faces when someone does sent something along. Our lovely friend Marie has sent boxes of goodies to the channel before, and she always sends awesome stuff! This time around the box is (almost) entirely for Adrianna, so of course she and I were very curious to see what was inside!

Never Sleep Again!

Straight out of the gates was one of the sneaky items for me: a gorgeous Freddy Krueger t-shirt. It’s a lovely dark brown color (yay for something that’s not black!) that mixes beautifully with all the red of the Freddy design. It’s officially the only shirt I have with JUST Freddy on it, so I’m quite excited! And it fits perfectly! Thank you so much Marie!

TMNT & Treats

Adrianna started off the box with a cool TMNT cup filled with candy and stickers. It even has an external swirly straw and the best turtle (*cough cough*) on top! The only thing that could top Turtle-treats? A bottle of dinosaur-shaped sprinkles! They’re too cute, and I definitely see some delicious cupcakes in our future. Marie must have remembered that Adrianna loves decorating her cupcakes nearly as much as she loves eating them!

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-TMNT-Cup-Candy-Donatello-Dinosaur-Sprinkles-1024x881 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

New Snuggle-Buddies

Next up was one of the cutest little stuffies ever! We’d previously seen an awesome Hedwig plush while shopping, but it was just far too expensive for what it was. Marie remembered this and sent Adrianna an adorable little Hedwig with a Harry Potter charm around her neck! Adrianna better keep her eye on that one, because mommy thinks it’s epic. Just as awesome though? A BB-8 plush with a carabiner to carry him around with you! Unfortunately we didn’t notice until after the video, but this little droid talks too! Ten bucks says he wakes Adrianna up in the middle of the night when she inevitably rolls over on him.

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Harry-Potter-Hedwig-Plush-Charm-Star-Wars-BB-8-Talking-Toy-1024x691 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

Books Books Books!

Of course it wouldn’t be a box from Marie without books in it! She sent Adrianna a “Complete Pokemon Pocket Guide” – which is just perfect for her – along with a note to get daddy out playing Pokemon Go with us to get some exercise! And she also sent to more books from Astrid Lindgren. She’d previously sent along “The Brothers Lionheart”, which we both really enjoyed reading together. Now we’ve got “Rasmus and the Vagabond” and “Ronia the Robber’s Daughter” to dive into as well!

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Books-Pokemon-Pocket-Guide-Astrid-Lindgren-Ronia-the-Robbers-Daughter-Rasmus-and-the-Vagabond-1024x506 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

Supplies for the Scholastic-Type

School supplies are also absolutely perfect for Adrianna, who loves learning, and just recently started her first day of third grade. Marie managed to find her Pokemon supplies that she can take to school with her! Pencils, a sharpener, a notepad, a ruler, and an eraser, all with classic Pokemon characters on them. I know a couple of her classmates are going to be super jealous about those.

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Stationary-Pokemon-School-Supplies-Pikachu-Mew-Bulbasaur-1003x1024 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

Cha-La! Head Cha-La!

One of the Dragonball Z items was a mystery since the package is in Japanese, but we’re pretty sure it’s origami paper, which is totally awesome. Adrianna loves crafts, so this paper adorned with DBZ characters is going to be great for making some neat little origami projects. Maybe we’ll make something for the three little Goku figures that Marie included to play with! (Note: there was also a note telling Adrianna not to let daddy steal her DBZ stuff…ha ha ha…)

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Dragonball-Z-Goku-Toys-Origami-Paper-Stickers-DBZ-1024x416 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

Legendary Pokemon, Trading Cards, and Comics

An awesome vinyl Zapdos keychain and two packs of Shopkins trading card game cards complete the viewer mail box for Adrianna in the best way possible. She loves her little Legendary Pokemon, and she can’t wait to see which Shopkins so she can force mommy to learn the game with her. Ha!

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Pokemon-Zapdos-Keychain-Shopkins-Playing-Card-Game-Trading-Cards-1024x567 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

And finally, last in the box are two comics for mommy and daddy. For Jason we’ve got a Bucky O’Hare, which is too funny since we recently found another Bucky comic at a local shop, so now he has two! For myself a Tenth Doctor comic – the best Doctor ever, thank you very much – signed by one of the creators, which is always awesome. Both comics are the perfect choices for Jason and myself, and are highly appreciated!

Marie-Viewer-Mail-for-Adrianna-Comics-Bucky-OHare-Doctor-Who-Tenth-David-Tennant-1024x716 Viewer Mail from Marie! TMNT, Pokemon & More! Mail Calls Videos

Thank you for everything Marie! Adrianna and I had a blast unboxing this viewer mail!

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