Yum Yum Candy Box Makes You Happy!

Yum Yum Candy Box Unboxing & Taste Testing for August 2018

Yum Yum Candy Box is a Canadian subscription box company dedicated to sourcing the best candy from all around the world and bringing it to our homes every month. They track candy trends to know what’s hot. They hunt hard-to-find treats to bring a little taste of the world to their subscribers. These people love candy and want to share that love with you! We shared their first ever box with you in the past, and now we’ve got another one to dig into!

Yum-Yum-Candy-Canadian-Subscription-Box-August-2018-Treats-Snacks-Inside-Box-1024x764 Yum Yum Candy Box Makes You Happy! Subscription Boxes Videos Yum Yum Candy

And you cant help but drool the second you open one!

Yum Yum Candy Box has two subscription box options:

The I-Joy box comes with 7+ pieces of candy for a cost of $19.99 per month. The We-Joy box comes with 12+ pieces of candy for a cost of $33.99 per month. And don’t be put off by the term “pieces of candy”! A single “piece” could be a full-sized chocolate bar, a canned beverage, or a personal-sized bag of crisps. These aren’t small treats by a long shot! You get a lot of treats to munch in one of these boxes.

We recently experienced the fun of unboxing a We-Joy box as a family on the channel. We taste-tested every item aside from the Kool-Aid mix (for obvious reasons) and loved almost everything. Each box has a breakdown of the contents included inside, and this is what was in ours:

Yum-Yum-Candy-Box-Canadian-Subscription-August-2018-We-Joy-Spoiler-Card-1024x744 Yum Yum Candy Box Makes You Happy! Subscription Boxes Videos Yum Yum Candy

As you can see there were many good old fashioned USA items, but also plenty of foreign ones. We got chocolates and soda from the UK, gummies from Brazil and Spain, and chews from Japan, among others. There was also a lovely variety of different types of items. We had beverages, chocolate bars, snack mixes, chews, gummies, sours, teacakes, and more! You might also notice that there was a total of 19 items! The minimum for a We-Joy box is 12, but Yum Yum Candy crams whatever they can in there to give you your value’s worth!

What Did the Tobin’s Love Most?

We had so many excellent items in our Yum Yum Candy Box that it was really hard to choose favorites. Jason really enjoyed the Lilt soda from the UK. Adrianna was a big fan of the Sweettarts Mini Chews from the USA. Myself, I melted for the Midnight Dark Milky Way from the USA, but could also eat a hundred of those Sweet Bananas from Spain. All three of us concurred that the Butterfinger Cups from the USA were far superior to Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Sacrilege! I know! But it’s true!

There were a few misses as well, of course. That’s bound to happen in a box with so many treats! Mostly this came down to personal tastes. All three of us dislike black licorice, so the Black Jacks never stood a chance. That’s half the fun of getting a box like this though! You get to try all kinds of different things that you may or may not like! The Lucas Bom Vaso from Mexico was, as Jason said “not a combination my mouth loves”. But getting to watch his face twist when he tried it was an absolute blast!

Fun for Yourself or the Whole Family!

Of course, you could absolutely order a Yum Yum Candy Box all for yourself. I personally think, however, that it’s much more fun sharing it with friends or family. After the camera stopped rolling on this video, the Tobins enjoyed this box together while snuggled up watching Predator 2. Yeah, you heard me. And then, just for good measure, we fell into a total sugar coma together:

Yum-Yum-Candy-Canadian-Subscription-Box-August-2018-Treats-Snacks-Sugar-Coma-Daddy-Daughter-1024x768 Yum Yum Candy Box Makes You Happy! Subscription Boxes Videos Yum Yum Candy

Don’t let the faces fool you. They’re really quite happy and satisfied. lol

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you treat yourselves. Grab a Yum Yum Candy Box for yourself right here. Share it with your family, or hoard it all to yourself. Try new things! Find delicious treats you may have never tasted. Dare yourself to eat the scary-looking items. Have fun! BE HAPPY!

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