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Our First Halloween Hunt of 2018 to Spirit Halloween!

If you guys know us at all, you know that we absolutely LOVE Halloween! So as soon as we heard that Spirit Halloween had opened in Dartmouth we knew we had to run up and check out some of the new costumes and decorations they have this year. We decided to do a Halloween Vlog of our little trip and show you what Spirit Halloween has in store. Plus you get a little peek into our Halloween this 2018!

Spooky Displays!

We spoke to the store owner, who told us he didn’t have everything out yet, but there was still a ton of good stuff to look at. Right away we had all the awesome  animatronic props. I was attacked by a runaway spider as soon as we entered the door. Seriously, I love that spider! He needs to be mine!

The central area was done up as a farm this year called “Spirit Acres”. It was a very cool little set-piece to be able to walk around. It had sack-wearing psychos and pop-up scarecrows among tall corn stalks and some genuinely creepy clowns that are sure to give all the trick-or-treaters nightmares. Plus more spider-themed stuff! The hanging spider web guy (who wiggles!) was super cool. Jason and I have a thing for using spiders and skeletons in displays, so we loved this stuff.

There was also some awesome stuff on display for fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas! We found a motion prop Jack Skellington that moves and talks and a Sally that sings her lament from the movie. They were amazing and I want them to have in my collection in general, let alone for Halloween props!

Spirit-Halloween-Hunt-VLOG-Costumes-Decorations-The-Nightmare-Before-Christmas-Animatronic-Jack-Skellington-and-Sally-1024x768 Spirit Halloween Hunting VLOG! Videos VLOGS

Costumes Galore!

We looked through a ton of costumes this year too and Jason and I actually managed to get our Halloween costumes picked out ALREADY. IT’S AUGUST GUYS! HA! But damn, I look some good and sexy in my costume (modesty be damned)!

Spirit-Halloween-Hunt-VLOG-Costumes-Decorations-Tracey-Steampunk-Girl-Costume-thumbnail-1024x788 Spirit Halloween Hunting VLOG! Videos VLOGS

Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us put on the accessories when trying the costumes on. Store policy. Boo!

Adrianna wants to be Raphael this year and although we found her a Raph costume, it was unfortunately just a bit too small. Back to the hunt!

A Haunted House!

Spirit-Halloween-Hunt-VLOG-Haunted-House-Props-Display-1024x784 Spirit Halloween Hunting VLOG! Videos VLOGS

The highlight is always the lit up displays in the back and this year it was a haunted house! A barking dog, a tricycle that moves on its own and other ghostly props seemed to be the rage for 2018’s display. Inside was completely lit with black-lights revealing terrifying messages on the walls. It also had some laser lights and an awesome headless ghost! The scream sound-effects in there were a little loud though. We softened them a bit in the video so as not to blow out your speakers (or ears) but trust us, they were LOUD!

Definitely the place to go for a Halloween Geek!

There was truly a lot to enjoy this year at Spirit Halloween and I can’t wait to see more. I hope you enjoyed the first of any Halloween themed videos on our channel this year with our early little Halloween Hunting vlog for 2018. We’re going to try to get more Halloween videos up throughout October so stay tuned!

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