Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics!

Toy Haul Time!

Whenever Jason and I go on a shopping trip to Halifax, we always like to stop at Giant Robot Comics. This comic shop in the Cole Harbor area has a wide variety of products. There’s stuff from tons of different companies and tons of different fandoms. They have new and old – there are several glass cases packed with previously owned toys at a discount. Whenever we go there, without fail, we come out with a toy haul of some kind!

On our most recent trip we wound up with a toy haul of a eclectic variety of items.

Go Go Power Rangers!

The previously-owned cases corner is my favorite place to look in Giant Robot. There’s always something new, and if you don’t care about packaging you can grab some stuff at great deals. This time around I found two Loyal Subjects Power Rangers to add to my collection!

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-Power-Rangers-Loyal-Subjects-Pink-Yellow-Ranger-Helmets-Off-1024x790 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Welcome to the Basement, gals!

I previously picked up Zach, the Black Ranger, in a blind box, so I was happy to add Trini and Kimberly to the group! I also have Rita Repulsa, Goldar, and Lord Zed, who were sent to me by our buddy Derek, so now it’s three versus three! Loyal Subjects in general are just amazing little figures as well, and I’m quite happy with these. They have tons of articulation for such small figures, and come with both their blasters and individual weapons. The faces, I’ll admit aren’t great on the Power Ranger line. However, if you remove the girl’s ponytails you can easily pop on the helmets:

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-Power-Rangers-Loyal-Subjects-Pink-Yellow-Ranger-Helmets-On-With-Weapons-1024x873 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Ah, much better!

And there’s the Power Rangers I know and love! The helmets are sculpted very nicely, with the classic pterodactyl and saber-toothed tiger motifs. Give Pink her bow and Yellow her sais, and now we’re in business! I love these little figures and now I definitely need to hunt down the rest of the team!

Jupiter Power, Make Up!

Mind you, the previously-owned section of Giant Robot isn’t entirely made up of loose figures. There is also a small number of figures that come into the store replaced in their original packaging. These obviously aren’t as common as the loose ones, but you can occasionally find some awesome deals on boxed stuff as well. Jason found something inbox for me for an amazing price to add to the toy haul. Unfortunately he’s smuggling it away for a Christmas present down the line. Fortunately (or maybe also unfortunately?) I did see him grab it, so I get to show it to you today!

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-SH-Figuarts-Sailor-Moon-Bandai-Tamashii-Nations-Sailor-Jupiter-Inbox-1024x970 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Jupiter Supreme Thunder!

love love  love  the Sailor Moon line from S.H. Figuarts! I currently only have Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon since these figures are on the pricier end of the spectrum. But since Jason found Jupiter for an amazing deal she’ll be coming to the collection!

At Christmas. *weeps silently*

“They drew first blood, not me.”

Of course the entire toy haul wasn’t just for me. Jason picked up something awesome for himself too! We’ve mentioned before that we’re huge fan’s of NECA‘s 8-bit repaints line, and we found a great deal on one of the ones Jason was missing.

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-NECA-Toys-8-Bit-Repaint-NES-Rambo-First-Blood-Nintendo-Inbox-914x1024 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I could have killed them all. I could have killed you.

It’s Rambo! In all his 8-bit glory! This was one of the repaints we hadn’t managed to pick up yet, and it was at Giant Robot for an excellent price, so of course we had to add it to the toy haul. We didn’t actually unbox this one in our video because Jason will be doing an 8-bit repaints-specific video in the future. For now we just wanted to give you a quick peek at how awesome he looks! So stay tuned for the future unboxing!

“Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?”

Last but not least, we picked up a special figure for a good friend in our toy haul! Ironically, she and I had just been speaking previously about how much she loved this game and wanted this figure. Then Jason and I walked into Giant Robot and there it was! And for an excellent price! So of course we had to grab it.

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-Alice-Madness-Returns-Femme-Fatales-Statue-Diamond-Select-Front-1024x768 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Another day, a different dream perhaps.

This Femme Fatales Alice from Diamond Select is so beautiful I kinda wish I was keeping it for myself! She looks like she was popped right out of the game. Her face and hair are perfectly matched to the game’s design, as is her classic outfit. Of course, she’s holding a butcher knife and spattered in blood, because this is not Disney’s version of Alice. The ruins on her pockets and the omega symbol around her neck really add to the oddness. And…

Giant-Robot-Comics-Toy-Haul-Alice-Madness-Returns-Femme-Fatales-Statue-Diamond-Select-Back-1024x768 Toy Haul from Giant Robot Comics! Toys and Collectibles Videos

She has the creepy skull on her bow as well! Add in the black striped stockings and the knee-high boots covered in buckles, and this statue is perfect. Trust me, if you’ve played this game, you would love what Diamond Select did with Alice here.

Mind you, she’s going right back in the box and getting shipped off to her new owner, so I won’t gush about her too much because it’ll just make me sad that I’m not keeping her for myself!

That’s all for now!

We didn’t go too too crazy with our toy haul from Giant Robot Comics this time around. Believe me, though, it’s difficult to walk out of that store with your finances in tact! There are so many awesome things to look at, and we never leave the store without something in our arms. If you’re ever in the Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, area I definitely recommend checking it out. The owner and staff are awesome, the store is packed with great stuff, and you’re bound to find something, new or old, that sparks your fancy. If you’ve ever been, let me know what kind of stuff you’ve picked up there in the comment section below! And if you have any of the items we picked up in our recent toy haul, let me know that as well! I love hearing from you guys!

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