The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK!

The 13 Dunny Series from KidRobot & Brandt Peters!

The 13 Dunny Series of blind box figures comes to us from KidRobot and toy artist Brandt Peters. What are Dunnies, you may ask? They’re an adorable style of collectible toy from KidRobot shaped like a pudgy upright bunny. A wide variety of toy artists have placed their mark on the Dunny design, manipulating them to make them their own. Some such artists have done entire series’ of blind box Dunnies, such as The 13 Dunny Series we’re reviewing today! We’ve also previously reviewed Scott Tolleson’s The Odd Ones Dunny series; go check it out!

Thanks, of course, are given to the wonderful sponsors of this video, Entertainment Earth, who provided the full case of The 13 Dunny Series blind boxes for us to unbox and review.

Who are “The 13”?

The 13 Dunny figures come with a spooky backstory. The legend states that Lord Strange of the Infernal Manor opened up the 13th dimension on one fateful blood moon. Doing so caused the 13th floor of the Manor to be taken over by 13 strange creatures, and Strange was never seen again. It’s an interesting little tale that definitely suits the design of Peters’ series of creepy characters. They even all glow in the dark, giving them an extra otherworldly feel.

There are, reasonably, 13 characters in this series. The Mad Butcher, The Grisly Phantom, Hay-Man, Fish, Mr Gloom, Diablo, Jack O’ Lantern, The Ancient One, Jinx, Nurse Cackle, Nurse Casket, and Dr Noxious are the 12 figures shown visibly on the boxes. There are also two mystery figures. One is the mysterious Number 13: Bella Luna. The other is a chase figure variant of The Mad Butcher.

box-1024x379 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

We were lucky enough to pull all options except for the mystery Bella Luna in our case. Obviously I will be unable to review her figure in this post. However, if you are lucky enough to have found a Bella Luna yourself, please let us know in the comment section!

Now without further ado, let’s get into the individual reviews of The 13 Dunny figures!

No. 1 – The Mad Butcher

themadbutcher-1024x462 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

I knew that The Mad Butcher was going to be one of Jason’s favorites because, well, look at him! He’s clearly modeled after Jason Voorhees, perhaps with a little bit of Michael Myers thrown in for good measure. The frayed rope holding his mask on is a unique choice, and the blood spatters on his ears is an excellent touch. He comes with a chipped butcher knife as an accessory. This along with the swirly, hypnotized eyes certainly do make him look “mad”.

This particular Dunny, in my opinion, looks better when he’s glowing in the dark. He looks great either way, but while glowing the details on his mask – holes, scratches over the eyes, and the “#1” – really stand out and POP.

No. 2 – The Grisly Phantom

thegrislyphantom-1024x342 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Based on the boxed art, I fully expected The Grisly Phantom to be a solid ghostly blob of vinyl. I was quite surprised, therefore, to find that the “ghost” is actually a thin, flexible covering over a fully-decorated Dunny underneath. The outer “shell” is designed a bit like a Halloween sheet-ghost, with wide bleeding eyes and a funny little bow-tie. Remove his disguise, however, and you’ll find a beautifully painted skeleton with flaming ears underneath. This is one blind box figure you’ll actually hope to get a double of, because both the covered and uncovered versions are awesome.

Whichever way you decide to display this one, he still looks amazing in the dark. The ghost covering plainer, but has glitter strewn throughout, creating a very cool effect when he glows. The skeleton underneath is intricately painted that it almost truly looks like a little skeleton is inside the figure, showing through translucent skin. Grisly Phantom indeed!

No. 3 – Hay-Man

hayman-1024x526 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The Hay-Man is a standard scarecrow type of design, but with some fun details thrown in. His halfway-to-grinning mouth is open a little, struggling against the stitches. One eye is a huge yellow button, while the other is real and clearly glaring at us. He has an enormous spider on the back of his head, whose body is shaped like a skull complete with eyes. He also comes with two accessories that help complete the look. The ruff which can go around his neck makes his head look like a sack tied with a rope. And his big-beaked crow buddy perches on his ear via a small peg-and-hole.

This is another one who looks amazing in the dark because all the little details on his face stand out so much more nicely. Scratches, nicks, the lowered eyebrow on that one good eye; it all works together very nicely. Even the crow glows! My one complaint (and it’s a tiny one) is that his lower-half is very dark, nearly impossible to see. If the little white marks on his boots glowed as well, it would help brighten that bit up and make everything clearer, in my opinion.

No. 4 – Fish!

fish-1024x309 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

FISH! Take note, his name includes that exclamation point! Don’t forget it!

There’s no doubt this funny Dunny is definitely modeled after the Creature from the Black Lagoon. He’s aquatic-looking right out of the box, with big wide fish-eyes, a flat nose, and scales on his belly. Add in his accessories – fin extensions for his arms and a scaly headpiece – and he’s a Bunny Creature, no two ways about it. Jason fell in love with this one, as a huge fan of the Creature. I love him myself, but I’m a bit annoyed that wearing his headpiece covers up his cool skeleton-mermaid tattoo!

Glow-in-the-dark suits this guy perfectly. His only dark spots are his feet, and the eerie green glow is perfectly for a creepy creature gallivanting in the darkest, murkiest waters.

No. 5 – Mr Gloom

mrgloom-1024x401 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Mr Gloom is a strange little creature. His face almost seems to be sewn on, and features slit eyes and a wiggly mouth that reminds me a bit of Cthulhu. He also sports a polka-dot bow-tie, as though he’s dressed up, but on his back he’s featuring flames and a scorpion tattoo. On top of all that, he comes with accessories that make his arms look like wings. It’s all quite random, but it works. He makes me think of a monster who would seem friendly at first, but bite your arm off if you got too close.

Gloom has a very creepy glow because of the slight yellowish color of his face. It gives the appearance of a particularly disturbing mask. He looks kinda cute, you guys, but don’t turn your back on him.

No. 6 – Diablo

diablo-1024x419 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Diablo is definitely intended to be a suave devil kind of creature. Instead of the usual bunny ears of a Dunny, he has curved horns twisting up above his head. his face is almost happy and pleasant, with a wide smile and a little mustache, and he’s wearing a cute little partial-suit. But if you turn him around you see the devil’s tail and the creepy tattoo: two snakes around a flaming skull. Add in wings for his arms as accessories, and you can definitely tell what kind of creature this guy really is.

I love the way his twisted horns look when they glow! The face, truthfully, is a little on the dark side, but the outer rim of his eyes as well as his teeth are bright enough to still make out the details. Those are not a pair of eyes you want staring out from under your bed.

No. 7 – Jack O’ Lantern

jackolantern-1024x426 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Jack O’ Lantern is another of Jason’s favorites of The 13 Dunny figures because he exemplifies Halloween. He’s got a big pumpkin head, complete with jagged-cut mouth. His ears look like little ghostly spirits popping out of holes in top of the pumpkin. And he’s got a spiffy top-hat accessory to go with the massive cleaver he’s wielding. And just for good measure, he’s got a rotten apple tattooed to his back, just in case you were uncertain as to what kind of person he really was.

As cool as this character is with his bright orange pumpkin head, he’s one of the least impressive when it comes to glowing in the dark. Nothing about his head glows, aside from the ears, meaning that in the dark it hardly looks like there’s a head there at all. The ghostly ears and cleaver still look awesome, but it’s disappointing that you can’t see anything of his awesome jack o’ lantern face.

No. 8 – The Ancient One

theancientone-1024x340 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The Ancient One is a bit of an enigma. If he’s so ancient, why is there a digital number 8 in his eye? Though I suppose the infinity symbol in the other eye could be portraying his infinite lifespan… Either way, he has a cool skull kind of a head with a horn on the top, made of the same glitter-filled pliable vinyl as The Grisly Phantom’s ghost costume. This one, as well, is able to come off and reveal the beast beneath, who appears to be some kind of zombie. His chest is burst open, showing the rib cage, and his skin is full of scars. One of his eyes looks dead, while the other is huge, bulging, and covered in red veins. He looks GROSS, is what I’m getting at, and that’s AWESOME.

As with Grisly Phantom, The Ancient One’s head looks pretty cool in the dark, what with all the sparkles. The main figure is even better though, because all the rips, tears, and scars really pop against the glowing skin. This guy is the definition of a radioactive reanimated corpse.

No. 9 – Jinx

jinx-1024x463 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos


Jinx is a creepy clown figure, who also seems to have been painted to look a bit like a cat. Little pointed ears are painted over the bunny ones, with the remainder of the bunny ears painted a bit like polka-dot floppy shoes. The eyes are weird, diamond-shaped slits, a little tongue is sticking out around sharp teeth, and he has a lightning bolt coming down his forehead below the party hat. Finally we have the big red nose, which is actually strangely shaped with a flat end like some kind of button.

Though he’s pretty creepy in the light, Jinx joins Jack O’ Lantern among the more unimpressive glowers in The 13 Dunny series. His head is almost entirely black and nothing about his face glows, so in the dark you basically just see a body and a hat hovering in the air above it.

No. 10 – Nurse Cackle

nursecacklle-1024x553 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Nurse Cackle almost looks sweet. Though her eyes are red, they look genuinely kind, and her pale face makes her look like a human woman in a cute bunny costume. She sports a medical mask on her face and comes with a little nurse’s hat and a lollipop accessory to offer her patients. She couldn’t possibly be up to no good, could she?

Otherworldly though the glow may be, Nurse Cackle’s coat details pop nicely in the dark. I especially love the way her lollipop swirl glows right along with her. Although…maybe you don’t want to eat a lollipop that glows…

No. 11 – Nurse Casket

nursecasket-1024x588 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Nurse Casket is not the one you want taking care of you during your hospital stay. Not by a long shot. She looks very similar to Nurse Cackle, except that her eyes are yellow, her skin green, and she’s covered in spots that give the impression that she’s come down with some kind of plague. Even her lollipop accessory is spattered in spots, so you really don’t want to take a bite of this one.

Even though their faces are technically the same, Nurse Casket looks much more evil in the dark than Nurse Cackle does. She has a very spooky, maniacal look about her that screams “get the hell out of this hospital right now!”

No. 12 – Dr Noxious

drnoxious-1024x372 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Dr Noxious is as far from a reassuring looking medical professional as one can get. The pale skin of his face makes him appear to be strapped into a bunny-eared hazmat suit that zips up his back. The big-eyed goggles and plague-doctor mask accessory make it clear that he’s working with something very nasty. Add in the far-too-big gloves and fancy top-hat accessories and he just looks like a total lunatic. Take a good look at him and tell me you can’t imagine him as the brain-dissecting head of an insane asylum.

His glow is quite excellent as well. His face, like a few of the other options, doesn’t glow at all, but because his plague-mask does it helps lighten him up so that you can still see the details of his goggles. The gloves are what really makes this guy’s aesthetic though. Whereas the other Dunny figures all have puffy little hands, Dr Noxious has huge, fingered gloves that look extra-menacing when they glow in the dark.

Chase Variant – The Mad Butcher

chasemadbutcher-1024x267 The 13 Dunny Series! They GLOW IN THE DARK! Toys and Collectibles Videos

The Chase Variant of The 13 Dunny series might be my favorite of the lot. I’m extremely happy that we pulled him in our case! He is similar to the regular Mad Butcher in a few ways, but there are plenty of differences. For one, he’s wearing a black-and-grey outfit instead of the simple red lines of the original. For another, the details on the mask – which are much better seen in the dark on the original – are done in black as well. And the stars across the eyes, as well as the “#1” on his head are done in red like the blood on his ears.

But that’s not even the best part!

The best part of this chase, however, are his accessories. Instead of the butcher knife, this version comes with an ax…but he doesn’t hold it! It lodges in his head! That alone would have been epic, but he also comes with a large extra accessory. It’s a melty birthday cake…which is made out of a Dunny head! He comes with a head-cake! A HEAD-CAKE. 

I was concerned that the chase’s glow was going to be lackluster because of all the added black. Luckily it actually works quite well since the grey lines glow. The glowing ax adds extra fun, and I was overjoyed to see that the head-cake glows as well. My only complaint here is that I feel they dropped the ball on the cake’s candles! I like that they’re painted red since it looks nice and bloody, but of all the things about this figure to not glow, am I right?

In Conclusion:

All together The 13 Dunny figures are an awesome set to display together on a shelf. If you’re a fan of horror, supernatural, or weird stuff in general, you’ll love Brandt Peters’ designs for this series. Myself, I’m definitely going to find a way to display them at Halloween! These cute-yet-creepy little guys would make for an awesome “haunted asylum” set-up! In fact, I have a hundred ideas swirling through my mind about them as we speak!

Thank you again to Entertainment Earth for providing The 13 Dunny Series for us to review. We loved them and love the way they look on a shelf together! Pick up your own full case of The 13 right here, and check out other Dunny blind box options right here.

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