Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint!

Darth Trick Does it Again with an Amazing Custom TMNT Toy!

In today’s video we’re showing off an awesome custom TMNT toy from our buddy Nick/Darth Trick! This beauty is definitely going to have a special place in our collection!

Nick is a great lover of taking old, uninteresting or unloved items and turning them into something fun and unique. We’ve spoken about him before in past videos because he often sends some of these unique creations our way! He originally sent Jason one of his custom 8-Bit Jason Voorhees masks, which Jason loves to death. He also repainted a Diamond Select Venom bank we gave him, with amazing results. And in that same video he sent along a gift for me: an incredible Harley Quinn bust created out of an old, unwanted Bratz doll bust!

There’s absolutely no doubt about it; Nick is awesome at what he does. So when Jason found a remote-controlled Mikey for only a few bucks at a thrift store, he immediately wondered what Nick would be able to do with it.

Remote-Controlled Mikey? Go on…

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-2012-Michelangelo-Remote-Controlled-Toy-Front-Shot-1024x847 Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint! Mail Calls Toys and Collectibles Videos


Shown above is the remote-controlled toy in question. This one is Adrianna’s, and it’s a pretty awesome toy, seriously. Based on the 2012 TMNT version of Michelangelo, this toy came out a few years ago and we picked it up for the little one as a Grading Day present. He stands about a foot high, drives forward and back, and spins around on his skateboard in order to do tricks. He’s a pretty cool dude, basically. They’re out of manufacturing now, but if you happen to find one leftover somewhere, it’s worth a grab.

While out shopping one day Jason found another one of these in a local thrift shop. It was missing its remote, but it was also extremely cheap at only a few bucks. So, of course, Jason immediately thought of our buddy Nick! He messaged to see if Nick thought he could do something with it, and we left the store with our ultra-cheap soon-to-be-custom toy.

Let’s Play a Guessing Game!

Nick went through a few ideas for this custom before settling on one that he was happy with. As he was completing some of the finishing touches he thought he’d play a little game with Jason and our other buddy, Derek. He said he would slowly send them super-close-up pics of different bits of the toy, and whoever guessed what he had done first would win.

Jason guessed right. Before a single picture was sent. This is why he’s not allowed to touch his Christmas presents once they’re under the tree.

So Jason got to see the custom TMNT toy right away, since he already knew what it was anyway. I got to be completely surprised for the video, however! And boy, was I ever surprised!


Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Slash-Custom-Repaint-Michelangelo-Remote-Controlled-Toy-Front-Shot-1024x810 Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint! Mail Calls Toys and Collectibles Videos


Nick made Mikey into a totally wicked Slash! How awesome does that look, you guys?! No seriously, I want to know what you think! Leave us a comment on this post or on the YouTube reveal video!

Nick’s repaint and redesign is based on the Slash toy from the original 80’s TMNT cartoon, and he did an absolutely amazing job. The coloring, of course, is of major importance, and he got that down perfectly. The aqua-ish blue and bold purple match the old figure dead on, and the bright yellow eye and toe-claws really pop around all the black accessories. The face in particular is awesome; look at those teeth! The groady mouth and discolored eyes really bring me back to the OG character!

What’s really amazing, however, is how he actually molded new pieces for the toy to match Slash’s extra parts. Shoulder pads and claw pieces are formed from foam and hot glued into place. A jagged dagger (which looks just like those old, solid-color, single-piece weapons the old toys always came with) is attached to his closed hand. Meanwhile the spikes on the knees (as well as the shell spikes, which I’ll talk about in a moment) seem to be molded right into the paint so that they really look as though they’ve been there all along.

But Then…There’s the SHELL!

You may have noticed in the image above that Nick dirtied up the chest/stomach part of the shell and carved some lovely scratches into it. It looks beat up, which is just perfect. But what you haven’t seen yet is the main part of the shell on this custom TMNT toy!

For comparison purposes, here’s what the shell looks like on the original toy:

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-2012-Michelangelo-Remote-Controlled-Toy-Back-Shot-1024x821 Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint! Mail Calls Toys and Collectibles Videos

And here’s the totally tubular repaint that Nick concocted:

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Slash-Custom-Repaint-Michelangelo-Remote-Controlled-Toy-Back-Shot-1024x806 Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint! Mail Calls Toys and Collectibles Videos

Amazing, right?!

Compare the pics above to see that a major paint job is done on the shell, but also some major restructuring. The obvious change is that Nick molded multiple spikes to go all over the shell. As with the spikes on his knee-pads, these ones have been built up and worked over in such a way that they really look like they’ve been there all along. Additionally, however, Nick re-textured the entire shell itself. You can see some of it in the picture, but in person you can really see all the bumps, scratches, and imperfect texture all throughout the shell’s surface. It really makes him look rough, tough, and beat-up, and might be my favorite part of the entire custom!

Cowabunga Conclusion?

I couldn’t be happier with what Nick came up with for this custom TMNT toy! The toy itself only cost us a few bucks, and now thanks to Nick we have an awesome custom TMNT toy that’s unique to our collection.

Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Side-by-Side-Comparison-Custom-Slash-Repaint-Michelangelo-Remote-Controlled-Toy-Shot-1024x689 Custom TMNT Toy! A Totally Radical Repaint! Mail Calls Toys and Collectibles Videos

And Adrianna’s Mikey has a playmate!

Thank you so much to Nick for creating another amazing custom for The Basement! For TMNT fans like us, this is a special piece that is a total showstopper on a shelf. We absolutely love him! Keep doing what you do and being awesome! And for those of you reading, go check out Nick’s Instagram account right now to see even more of his awesome custom pieces!


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