Comet TV Monster Summer Swag! New TV & Free Streaming Channel for Sci-Fi & Horror Classics!

Comet TV sent us a big box of Monster Summer Swag!

But wait! What’s Comet TV?

Comet TV is a brand-new Sci-Fi television network dedicated to bringing viewers all the fan favorites, cult-classics, and undiscovered gems that they can handle. For an idea into their programming, as I’m writing this the day is dawning on a schedule that includes Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot, Snowbeast, Badlanders, Pumpkinhead, and The Amityville Horror. Comet is available over the air and on cable, but also for FREE (yeah, you heard me) by streaming online, or watching on your Roku or Apple TV device.

Okay then, but what’s this Monster Summer thing?

All summer long, every Sunday up through Labor Day, Comet TV is running their Monster Summer programming, which is a MONSTER MOVIE DOUBLE FEATURE, showing off such amazing b-movie monsters as Godzilla, Reptilicus, and THE GIANT CLAW. For a full list of the monster movie features you could be watching all summer long, check out their schedule here.

All right, now let’s get to the mystery box of goodies! We were contacted by a representative from Comet TV and asked if we would like to unbox and show off some Monster Summer swag. We are huge monster movie fans so of course we said yes and were very excited to see what kind of items they came up with to promote their awesome summer event.

Alright, are you on-board? So WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?! Check out the full unboxing video below and find out what Jason is doing with a beach ball!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Jason and Adrianna are really big Godzilla fans and we love all kinds of Kaiju films. Seriously, just check out our Godzilla Collection video.  We thrive on B-Horror and Sci-Fi! Jason & I were definitely having a blast with this promotional box and we can’t wait to see more events from Comet TV. We’re going to have a MONSTROUSLY good time at the beach this summer!

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