Classic Harley Quinn NEW DC Comics Vinyl Statue from Cryptozoic Unboxing! Now at SDCC 2018!

Cryptozoic Entertainment has wowed us again with another beautiful Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure!

It’s SDCC 2018, and Cryptozoic is displaying this beautiful new Classic Harley Quinn vinyl figure! They also sent one our way so that we could unbox and show it off to you guys! She’s GORGEOUS!!! Check out our unboxing of her!

I’ve enjoyed the design and style of pretty much every version of Harley since her first appearance in the Batman animated series in the early 90s. Her designs from The Batman Arkham games by Rocksteady I’m especially fond of, and yes, I’m a New 52 design defender. There’s just something about that classic BTAS design that I love though. Everything about this figure screams Batman: The Animated Series but in the signature Cryptozoic style made popular by their DC Bombshells line of figures.  She’s super cute with just that little hint of sexy that makes it a lot of fun. We love that aesthetic! The colors pop! Reds are a nice, solid red and the whites are a nice bright white. Her pose is very mischievous. She looks like she is acting very innocent while holding that trademark GIANT mallet of hers behind her back. This Classic Harley Quinn figure is definitely a must have for a Harley Quinn fan and collector. Cryptozoic definitely hit it out of the park with this one. I am so happy to have this figure.

Harley happily joins some modern and classic Harley Quinn collectibles on our shelf.

20180723_152742-1024x768 Classic Harley Quinn NEW DC Comics Vinyl Statue from Cryptozoic Unboxing! Now at SDCC 2018! Toys and Collectibles Videos

Want this Classic Harley Quinn?

She is available first at Cryptozoic’s booth at San Diego Comic Con 2018 but will be getting a wide release in the next couple weeks after SDCC wraps up.

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