Top 5 Funko Pop Tag – My Personal Top 5 Pops I’ve Aquired This Year

So I was tagged by Christina’s Toys to do a Top 5 Funko Pop Tag video. So I thought why not? The Tag is supposed to be for your own personal Top 5 Favorite Funko Pops that you’ve purchased or received since the beginning of the year that you just absolutely love. Needless to say, this was EXTREMELY hard for me to choose five as I just love all my Pops but I decided to settle on five cool ones to briefly showcase today.

I am tagging 3 fellow members of the Basement Geeks community to partake in this tag. A couple I have done videos with before and you might recognize if you’ve been following me a while and one channel that I’ve discovered more recently. Check out their channels here:

The Lawn Gnome:

Everyday Geek:

Funko Pop Paradise:

Be sure to send these awesome channels some love from the Basement fellow geeks!

Originally tagged by Christina’s Toys:

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