Tracey’s Basement Funko Pop Collection and a Thank You

Hey guys. Some of you have been asking me for this video for quite a while. I seem to get a request for this every other day so today I present to you….. *drum roll please*……. My Funko Pop Collection. I’ll also mention some of my favorite Pops (which have nothing to do with value). A few retired Pops, a few rare Pops, lots of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, Horror Pops, Doctor Who Pops, Game of Thornes Pops, Pop Movies, Pop Television, Flocked Pops, Metallic Pops, Glow in the Dark Pops, Oversized Pops, Pop Rides…. Damn I have a lot of Funko Pops. Maybe someday if it’s ever in order I’ll do an entire tour of “The Basement” and all of its other collectibles but for now let’s just focus on the insanely huge number of Funko Pops that have accumulated down there (Yet I’m still sad I can’t get a She-Ra, my most wanted a favorite Pop).

Also wanted to say thank you to all of you who enjoy me videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for letting me share my love of all things geek and my love of collectibles and letting me hear some of your opinions and stories. When I first started on YouTube I was really nervous, very camera shy and I was sure I was going to get flooded with all of that famous YouTube hate and nastiness but you’ve all been so great and awesome and have really made this channel an incredible and fun experience and I hope we continue to have lots of geeky fun together for a long time to come. You guys are awesome!

As many of you long time subscribers may already know I have an extremely demanding job that takes me across the country and away from this for extended periods of time but I still try my best to get back to as many people as I can on here and other platforms and your comments and conversations can really help brighten up a dull, boring, long day out there.

So again, I hope you all enjoy this Funko Pop Collection video and continue to have fun with the channel and the social media accounts here on Tracey’s Basement. There’s a lot more Funkos and other collectibles and some gaming, both new and retro, to come 🙂 And don’t forget to like, comment and share if you enjoyed the video!

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